Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Cetakan 印制图案

1. First,prepare all the materials as shown in the picture,a plain T-shirt, fabric pens, fabric paints, a palette, a water container, a paintbrush & a piece of thick cardboard.
2. Slip the T-shirt over the board so the front doesn’t stain the back.
3. Next, going to do an elephant design. Using the paintbrush & fabric paint, paint a square onto ur palm.
4. Press ur palm down onto the T-shirt to print the square onto the cloth.
5. Using ur index finger & more paint, give the elephant a trunk.
6. Use the tip of ur little finger to add legs & the tip of the tail.
7. Using a fabric pen, add ears, eyes, & other features to ur elephant.
8. Dab green spots onto the T-shirt for grass.
9. In this design, the elephant has a bunch of balloons. Print colourful thumbprints onto the T-shirt.
10. Add yellow fingerprints as a background for a message later.
11. Using the fabric pen, add strings to the balloons & write ur message down.
12. Last, u now have a finished & personalized T-shirt^^

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