Thursday, 8 December 2011

Binaan 制作小白兔

1.Prepare all the materials as shown in the picture, coloured paper,cotton wool, double sided tape, glue, a pencil, googly eyes & recycled paper.
2.Crumple a piece of recycled paper as shown on the picture.
3.Wrap & cover the whole ball of paper woth double sided tape.
4.Cover the paper ball with a thick layer of cotton wool.
5.Press the paper to become more solid,like a body part.
6.Then,use a little cotton wool to fold the rabbit’s ear.
7.Fold down 1edge of the coloured paper as shown.
8.Using a pencil, draw 2 half-ovals on the folded edge of the coloured paper.
9.Cut out the shapes.
10.Spread out the cut-out shapes & paste them on 1 side of each ear.
11.Stick the googly eyes on the rabbit with glue.
12.After,can stick the 2 ears on the rabbit with glue.
13.Roll a small ball of cotton wool to form the tail of the rabbit & paste it on the back of the rabbit with glue.
14. Finally, a cute white rabbit in different sizes.

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