Thursday, 8 December 2011

Binaan 制作小白兔

1.Prepare all the materials as shown in the picture, coloured paper,cotton wool, double sided tape, glue, a pencil, googly eyes & recycled paper.
2.Crumple a piece of recycled paper as shown on the picture.
3.Wrap & cover the whole ball of paper woth double sided tape.
4.Cover the paper ball with a thick layer of cotton wool.
5.Press the paper to become more solid,like a body part.
6.Then,use a little cotton wool to fold the rabbit’s ear.
7.Fold down 1edge of the coloured paper as shown.
8.Using a pencil, draw 2 half-ovals on the folded edge of the coloured paper.
9.Cut out the shapes.
10.Spread out the cut-out shapes & paste them on 1 side of each ear.
11.Stick the googly eyes on the rabbit with glue.
12.After,can stick the 2 ears on the rabbit with glue.
13.Roll a small ball of cotton wool to form the tail of the rabbit & paste it on the back of the rabbit with glue.
14. Finally, a cute white rabbit in different sizes.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Binaan 制作 娃娃

1. Prepare all the materials as shown, an old glove ,scissors, ribbon, brush, glue, string, thread, bells, doll eyes & colors.
2. Get a piece of paper & shape it into a ball.
3. Insert the paper into the glove.
4. After, insert the bells into the glove.
5. Tie up the glove with thread.
6. Then, glue down the middle finger as shown.
7. For the hair, loop together short pieces of string.
8.Tie 4-5 loops of string onto the glove with more string.
9. Fold the glove’s top down onto the hair & glue it  
10. Glue the eyes onto the glove.
11. Cut a ribbon & tie it into a bow.
12. Trim the ribbon before sticking it onto the “hat” 
        with glue.
13. Use a tissue & some poster paint to put some “make   
       up” on the doll.
14. Draw a mouth using a brush.
15. Finally, u can make it. It’s a girl doll.

Cetakan 印制图案

1. First,prepare all the materials as shown in the picture,a plain T-shirt, fabric pens, fabric paints, a palette, a water container, a paintbrush & a piece of thick cardboard.
2. Slip the T-shirt over the board so the front doesn’t stain the back.
3. Next, going to do an elephant design. Using the paintbrush & fabric paint, paint a square onto ur palm.
4. Press ur palm down onto the T-shirt to print the square onto the cloth.
5. Using ur index finger & more paint, give the elephant a trunk.
6. Use the tip of ur little finger to add legs & the tip of the tail.
7. Using a fabric pen, add ears, eyes, & other features to ur elephant.
8. Dab green spots onto the T-shirt for grass.
9. In this design, the elephant has a bunch of balloons. Print colourful thumbprints onto the T-shirt.
10. Add yellow fingerprints as a background for a message later.
11. Using the fabric pen, add strings to the balloons & write ur message down.
12. Last, u now have a finished & personalized T-shirt^^

Monday, 5 December 2011

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